Scratch-made. Authentic. Delicious.

Galiana’s mouth-watering, crafted from scratch with the freshest ingredients tamales are available all year round. What makes our hot tamales the best? 

Our tamales are made homemade, fresh daily, and packed to order. We have perfected our authentic tamale recipes over the years through the thoughtful practice of Mexican cooking that’s part of our heritage.


We serve multiple homemade tamales including PORK and CHICKEN. Freshly served with your choice of smoky molcajete sauce (with roasted tomatoes and bell peppers) and/or salsa verde.

Indulge in Our One-of-a-kind Pork Tamales!

Our pork tamales are a sensual dance of sweet and savory, with the masa striking the perfect harmony to complement the seasoned pork. Each tamale is filled with passion, stuffed full of juicy pork slow-roasted to perfection, releasing a smoky, rich sweetness as it mingles with the corn masa.

Experience Our Fan-Favorite Chicken Tamales

Our chicken tamales are an ode to authentic Mexican cuisine, where tender shredded chicken caresses sweet corn masa, embraced by a subtle kiss of traditional spices wrapped in a warm corn husk.

What Will You Choose - Molcajete or Green Sauce?

Choose between our two sauces. Indulge in our molcajete sauce, a mortar-ground medley of charred tomatoes, chiles de árbol, garlic, and spices. The molcajete envelops your taste buds in its smoky essence, contrasting the sweet masa with a slow-building heat. Each bite is a crescendo of flavors and textures as the chunky sauce dances across your palate.

Or experience the verdant kiss of our green sauce, a harmony of charred tomatillos, serrano peppers, cilantro, and lime. Tart and herbaceous notes complement the tamales' corn flavor. The salsa's bright green freshness excites the senses with a playful kick that lingers on your lips.

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Galiana’s tamales are perfect for events big and small

Whether you want it on a birthday party, having a gathering for the holidays, game-watching, company lunch, or throwing a quinceanera, Galiana’s tamales make a perfect addition.   Delicious, easy to eat, and variety for everyone, make our tamales the ultimate catering cuisine – from simple to grande.   

For event orders, please call  832-653-6853.

Craving for hot and fresh tamales?

Available in by the half-dozen for $8.50 (plus tax) and by the dozen for $16 (plus tax).

Have Galiana’s delicious tamales at home or at the office!

Bulk Orders? Call 832-653-6853